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Animal Encounters For Junior Potters

Youngters interact with a lizard

Image by: Phil Greig


08:25 5th June 2013

Youngsters meet an array of creatures at the Britannia Stadium

60 JUNIOR Potter members 'took a walk on the wild side' recently . . . after being treated to an afternoon of excitement at the Britannia Stadium.

The youngsters, along with their parents, met numerous exotic creatures, including snakes, spiders, lizards and tortoises at the first of the new junior member events for the 2013/14 season.   

The children learned all about the animals behaviour, diet, defence and habits as well as getting to interact directly with the majority of the animals.  

Whilst all of the creatures received attention, the undoubted star of the show proved to be the 7 foot long Madagascar Ground Boa, 'Dave the Snake'.

The Junior Potters also took part in a mask making competition, where they got very creative making an array of masks from a very sparkly spiderman mask, a Pottermus covered in pom-poms to a bright pink Daisy Duck complete with veil!  

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