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Begovic Goes Back To School

Asmir Begovic hands out a merit award

Image by: Phil Greig


09:50 19th March 2014

City stopper visits children at Dove Bank Primary School...

STOKE CITY star Asmir Begovic stepped back to his childhood on Wednesday afternoon as he spent two hours at a local school handing out merit awards to a number of outstanding pupils.

The Bosnian international, who is primed to feature at this summer’s World Cup Finals in Brazil, presented the children at Dove Bank Primary in Kidsgrove with their certificates, in front of the on-watching teachers and fellow pupils.

The talented youngsters earned the awards after excelling in their chosen areas of interests this year, with swimming and football accolades being just two to be handed out by the 26-year-old ‘keeper.

Speaking at the presentation, Begovic said: “It’s fantastic to be here at the school handing out these awards to the children who are fully deserving of them.

“It’s hugely important to take school seriously and listen to the teachers who work so hard making sure that everyone is able to progress in whichever direction they want to go in.

“The guys here today have achieved these awards through hard work and dedication, and it is an honour to be here spending time with them on this special day.”

Begovic also spent a period of time with the school’s football team – one of which includes both boys and girls in the side.

“It’s fantastic that they are able to participate in football together, and from speaking to them they all seem to really enjoy it," he added.

“They asked for a couple of words of advice which I was more than happy to provide them with, and I took a few questions from the too which was nice.”

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