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'Drop A Shirt Size' Success

Ryan Shotton with Stoke City fans who completed a 12-week 'Drop A Shirt Size' programme

Image by: Phil Greig


11:00 30th January 2013

All participants earn a new Stoke City shirt after weight-loss scheme

STOKE CITY can count their recent ‘Drop a Shirt Size’ initiative as a roaring success… after all participants who completed the 12-week programme earned themselves a brand new 2012/13 Official shirt by losing 5% of their body weight.

With physical activity sessions staged each week and nutritional advice given to every participant, all 38 people overcame the challenge, with the group shedding 140kg, or 22 stone, in total. 

Only four didn’t manage to actually drop a shirt size, but three male participants – Darren Ely, Paul Adams and Nick Moss – went the extra mile by each losing two stone over the three months.

The Football Club worked in conjunction with the Premier League’s Creating Chances scheme, NHS Stoke-on-Trent and the Lifestyle Programme to deliver the excellent incentive for local people to make a big difference to their outlook on life.

Stoke City Community Health Coach Andy Shingler said the scheme has been a huge success.

“We wanted to help people change their lifestyle and live a healthy lifestyle, but we put a spin on it and said that if they dropped a shirt size, they would get a free Stoke City shirt.” he said.

“We had a really good response - we had 70 people sign up for it originally, which was more than we thought we’d get as well.”

On average, each person lost 3.8kg over the twelve weeks, and Schools & Health Officer Warren Leat believes everyone enjoyed the experience and believes it made a genuine difference to their lives.

“It’s great to see them all working – at the end of the 12-week programme, they’ve all done really well. I think they’ve really enjoyed it as well, particularly the football side of it!” he explained.

“It’s important that we set a good example, and use the Stoke City badge as a really powerful brand to make a difference to people’s lives and make them happy.”

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