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Family Area Seat Exchange Period Starts Today


09:00 15th May 2014

Opportunity available to move seats for 2014/15

SUPPORTERS who have purchased Season Cards for Stoke City's 2014/15 campaign and what to move in or out of the Family Area can now do so.

The seat exchange period gives fans that purchased during the Early Bird sales period the opportunity to relocate to seats which were not renewed and are therefore now available.

The exchange period is being conducted in two stages:


From today, any 2014/15 Season Card holder either wishing to move in or out of the Family Area, or needing to do so due to eligibility*, can take their pick of available seats.

It is also highly recommended that those supporters who have purchased a Family Area Season Card without being allocated a specific seat use this opportunity to select one as this will give them the best possible choice of seats.

The Family Area is given priority each year as it is the only section of the Stadium where the Club have specific age-related rules about who can occupy those particular seats.


From 9.00am on Thursday 22nd May, any 2014/15 Season Card holder who purchased during the Early Bird sales period will have the opportunity to relocate.


Supporters will have to pay the difference if they decide to move to an area of the Britannia Stadium that falls into a higher price category.

It will not be possible to buy additional Season Cards during the exchange period, but details of when Season Cards will return at Mid-Price sales will be announced in due course.

Supporters are reminded that seat exchanges can only be undertaken in person at the Britannia Stadium Ticket Office or by telephone on (01782) 367599. This can NOT be done online.

Fans will be required to confirm the personal details of all Season Cards they wish to relocate.

* Family Area Season Cards must contain at least one junior (under-14 or under-11) and one person (adult, under-21 or over 65) in each group.

For each under-14 or under-11, there can be up to two persons who are either classed as an adult or under-21 as well as one under-17.

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