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Fulham Tickets: Latest News

Craven Cottage, home of Fulham FC

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15:21 12th February 2013

Supporters can purchase tickets in the neutral zone

STOKE CITY have advised supporters that they can now only purchase tickets in the neutral zone for the Barclays Premier League match against Fulham.

The Club have sold 700 tickets in one block of the Putney End which as part of the allocation originally sent to them for the game on February 23rd.

But they have returned another 1,000 tickets in the next block (P6) which will now become the neutral zone that features regularly at Craven Cottage.

Therefore, City supporters looking to make the trip south should now purchase their tickets directly from Fulham for that adjoining neutral zone.

This can either be done online at or over the telephone by contacting 0843 208 1234 and then choosing Option One on the menu.


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