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Hughes Previews World Cup Final

Manager Mark Hughes

Image by: Getty Images


09:35 13th July 2014

MARK HUGHES says this evening’s FIFA World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina is too close to call.

The two super giants of world football will face off in Brazil’s Estadio Maracana tonight following mid-week semi-final victories over Brazil and Holland respectively.

The former Welsh forward and manager believes it could go either way in a re-run of the 1990 final but says Lionel Messi may prove pivotal to the outcome of the game.  

“I think everyone was obviously impressed with that Germany did to Brazil and that is what makes them favourites in many people’s minds,” said Hughes.

“However, you never know and Argentina have a certain player in their ranks called Lionel Messi who is arguably the best player in the world.

“On any given day he can win games on his own so it is a difficult one to call really - who knows, it’s a World Cup Final and it could go either way.”

The 50-year-old also reflected on the manner of Brazil’s 7-1 defeat at the hands of Germany, believing it won’t be long before the South American nation return to their best in years to come.

“For a country like Brazil there is so much onus on their world standing so it must be really difficult for them at the moment,” he said.

“Maybe in the long term they will get back to what many believe is the Brazilian way of playing the beautiful game.

“Everything is for a reason in my view and it is possibly a wake-up call of where their level of football has been at for the last few years, but they will come back to be the Brazil we all know.” 

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