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Strongman Success!

World's Ultimate Strongest Team event at Britannia Stadium

Image by: Phil Greig


14:30 2nd June 2014

Thousands turn out for World's Ultimate Strongman Team event

THE BRITANNIA STADIUM played host to its first ever World's Ultimate Strongman Team event yesterday.

Almost 6,000 spectators turned out at the home of Stoke City for the championship, the first time where the sport's biggest names have all appeared on one show in the UK.

Stoke-on-Trent's Eddie Hall teamed up with Terry Hollands of Dartford and the pair finished runners-up in the tournament behind Americans Brian Shaw and Dave Ostlund.

Events undertaken included a tug-of-war - in which Halls and Hollands won to the delight of the crowd - the two-man log lift, atlas stones and Conan's wheel, whilst popular local band Matrix Club Matrix performed during the day.

Strongman Hall, who also organised the event, was delighted with how things went, saying, "There's been a lot of hard work.

"I did a lot of the advertising and ticket sales myself, but it was worthwhile when you saw the crowd.

"You couldn't have asked for a better crowd than that.

"I'm pretty sore now after the event, but it was brilliant."

He added, "The tug of war is very much an event of true grit and [winning] that was a good moment."

The success of the event means it is highly likely that something similar could take place again next year.

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