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Supporters Council Meeting Agenda

A Stoke City Supporters Council meeting in progress

Image by: Phil Greig


02:16 10th September 2012

by Stoke City Football Club

The agenda for the meeting to be held on Saturday 15th September

1. Welcome - Malcolm Clarke (Acting Chair)

2. Introductions

3. Adoption of minutes of meeting held on 28th April

4. Matters arising including

   i. Election of Chair and Vice-chair
   ii. Ways of working/Meeting schedule - Richard Lowe/Malcolm Clarke/Runar Kvernen
   iii. Code of Conduct - Richard Lowe
   iv. Supporters Liaison Officer

5. Link with Lidice - Angela Smith

6. Social networking - Angela Smith

7. Club lottery - Darren Sutton

8. Club's 150th anniversary - Malcolm Clarke

9. Access to pictures from the Club for websites, magazines - Runar Kvernen

10. Ticket allocation system - Runar Kvernen/Malcolm Clarke

11. Meet the players, manager, chairman evenings - Bryan Shaw

12. Concourse issues - Julia Zuk

13. Contact with other supporters groups/disability issues - Mark Willey

14. Acceptance agreement forms - Adrian Hurst

15. Discount in shop for supporters branches - Adrian Hurst

16. Club membership scheme - Malcolm Clarke

17. Supporters Council election system - Malcolm Clarke

18. Any other business

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