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Supporters Council Meeting Minutes

A Stoke City Supporters Council meeting in progress

Image by: Phil Greig


03:00 31st May 2013

Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 27th April 2013

Date: 27th April 2013
Venue: Britannia Stadium, Gordon Banks Suite
Supporters Council Representatives:- Angela Smith (Vice Chair) - Alan Clarke, Rob Doe, Bryan Shaw, David Harper, John Slaney, Julia Milton, Julia Zuk, Mark Mills, Regina Colclough, Runar Kevernen, Wayne Harrison, Richard Bestwick Mark Willey.

Representatives of the Club:- Tony Scholes - Chief Executive, Steve Buxton - PR Consultant, Margaret Stringer - P.A. to Tony Scholes

Apologies: Richard Lowe, Malcolm Clarke, Jon Turner

1 - Minutes From Last Meeting:- Agreed.

2 - Changing of Dates and Times:- Julia Zuk (Southern Supporters Branch) raised the issue of the dates and times of games being changed at short notice and the problems this caused regarding those that had pre-booked train travel to take advantage of the cheaper rates. Julia asked if a contribution could be made towards reimbursing fans if they lost their money and had to rebook. 
Tony said he was happy to meet Julia away from the meeting to discuss this in more detail.

3 - Supporters Club Player of the Year:- All nominations should be submitted to Adrian Hurst by 5th May.  Angela asked if anyone from the Council was interested in making up a table that the end of season awards evening to let her know.  Julia Milton asked if the Club could offer a discount for the Council if they did decide to take a table.  SB to enquire and communicate to Julia. (Owner - Steve Buxton)

4 - Platinum Memberships:- Bryan reported that the general feeling of the fans is that the current membership package is not good value for money.  Fans feel that they are paying for loyalty rather than being rewarded.  Tony explained that a review of the membership scheme will be taking place and invited members of the Council to be involved in that process.  Tony would like to have a meeting with a number of fans to discuss memberships in general. (Owner - Tony Scholes)

5 - New Council Members:- To date; 1 person has submitted their name, however it was noted that there had been a problem with the e-mail address for submitting applications.
It was suggested that all council members should serve for 2 years, this is a decision for the council to make. 
How to promote the Council more to the fans was also discussed, the use of the Scoreboard and LED boards was offered by the Club. (Owner - Steve Buxton)

6 - 150 Sub Group Feedback:- David and Angela thanked the Club for the hospitality shown to them during the visit to the House of Lords. 
A number of suggestions were put forward for consideration regarding the 150 celebrations, including;- the oldest 150 supporters to meet and greet the players (old and new), Club to have a Charity Choir, engage with other organizations celebrating their 150 anniversary (i.e. Bayer)  
It was pointed out that there is a lack of 150 memorabilia available to purchase in the Club shop.  
The Sub Group to meet with Adrian Hurst & Steve Buxton to discuss 150 celebrations further. 
Tottenham 150th Anniversary game:-
Steve Buxton gave a brief overview of some of the events planned for the 12 May:- 
Former players will be in attendance, the supporter’s flag will be back for the 12th, there will also be a special 150 flag, as well as a special 150 programme. (Owner - Sub Group, Adrian Hurst & Steve Buxton)

7 - Stadium expansion/refurbishment plan update:- Tony explained that the Club would only go ahead with the expansion once confident that it could fill the extra capacity created.  The TV Studio would be built (if we are in the P.L.) as it is a requirement of P.L. rules.

8 - FA Cup Times:- Mark Willey raised the issue of the KO time for the F.A. Cup, how fans travelling a great distance have not been consulted and how more consideration should be given to the timing of the event.

9 - Date of Next Meeting:- TBA once fixtures are announced.

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