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Winning Lottery Numbers Week 14

All Stars Lottery


04:00 8th September 2014

by Stoke City Football Club

Have you checked them to see if you're a winner?

THE All Stars Lottery draw takes place at the end of every week with the winning numbers drawn throughout the season then appearing below.

All winners will be notified with winnings posted to the address recorded on the membership card or passed on to the winners' agent. Please note membership must be current and paid to claim a prize, else it will form part of a rollover for the next draw. To join, download the application form by clicking HERE.

For more information or to claim a prize, please contact the Lottery Department by phone on (01782) 592288 or via e-mail at

Week 14 - 5th September

£2,500 - A6931
£1000 - A6919
£200 - Y4006
£100 - B8524
£50 - P8851
£10 - D5919, C3936, R2816, J8178, A4901, L5158, P9186, L4666, P9821, C8165, T0829, P1620, A0524, F4871, B7205, R8386, T0227, N3397, Z9476, A3768, Y0219, B3958, C6021, A2239, B5070
£5 - F3733, A5653, D2285, A3792, F3842, B4879, P3182, Y9108, B4707, P3461, B9564, A3529, L0423, F9109, Z6931, A9409, C0159, C8620, R4202, B5846, E6835, Z4451, E4937, B0952, R7976, H1444, C4529, A2466, P7907, Q9821, A9010, B8371, E7126, B7074, Z0578, P5058, Y4387, Y4327, Q4659, C2775, Z1864, N1912, A0999, P6828, Q9521, E4473, A8038, E1721, P9062, B1551

Week 13 - 29th August

£1,000 - P4899
£200 - B9164
£100 - C4025
£50 - C1849

£10 - Z3285, E1997, Z1446, Y9555, B8329, A7867, C1712, H8742, S5857, Z4618, P6448, E4641, Y0936, E9906, A0934, P2951, F0987, A0394, Y7081, C6543, B5191, Q3899, E3555, Y6374, Y7657

£5 - F6655, Q3549, V9908, C2474, Z1038, E8607, A5721, Q0192, F5173, D8773, D5850, Y5126, A0440, E8541, Q6679, Z9398, A6401, B5914, Q9077, N8499, C7569, E9388, P3106, B5114, A1102, A7514, A8096, L2786, E6679, C0922, Y3366, E1013, A4849, P0651, B1872, B1939, A8119, E7743, A3705, A7792, D8611, P0950, L4672, F5200, H2102, E3566, A4921, A4900, Z0777, C8564

Week 12 - 22nd August

£1,000 - N9704
£200 - E5727
£100 - B6060
£50 - L7927
£10 - E7208, J0851, Y7980, A3654, Q8135, E0094, T5231, E8520, A3909, A2869, Z5823, T9191, B2184, Q9333, A9310, E0010, A5277, P9269, K4522, A4885, C1322, B9877, D3473, H6297, D1656
£5 – Q1725, L2869, Z0239, Z0239, B4456, C3202, P6446, P9809, A1946, L1278, C4056, C5778, Z7016, E6968, A2296, P4973, P8777, E3897, P7595, B2395, F8882, Y5989, V5431, V1808, A4978, D7373, P4901, Q5543, L8661, E3659, Y1774, Y9098, B9709, P4888, A8215, F8656, B9669, D8457, E5965, C3969, R5899, E9946, C1465, R2514, B4064, H1667, B0198, R6664, Z6246, Z5976, B9091

Week 11 - 15th August

£1,000 - D6484
£200 - M9445
£100 - P2380
£50 - Q0915
£10 - Y6003, T0000, K1638, B4129, Q3554, R1471, A8385, Z8694, P6625, W7263, E1683, Q6639, B0982, B0706, Z3475, Y8514, J1113, Z7870, Y3435, F3875, P9834, D8907, P4141, Z4901, H1380,  
£5 - T7736, B6865, A3582, Y3441, C8594, P2526, A4959, E6928, N7437, A9015, B1691, P7114, C6078, B6684, P0347, Y4756, Y9844, A5571, C0448, Q1040, E0183, Z3561, A3811, Z9232, P9207, D3839, R6825, E2142, P2842, P2323, E1158, P7316, A7204, H4445, Z0724, A0579, A9327, D5777, A2715, L4246, B2525, L7780, R1382, E8350, D4214, Y9565, Y9159, Z8254, Z4749, E5531

Week 10 - 8th August

£1,000 - D3841
£200 - Y2102
£100 - F5409
£50 - B3327
£10 - U1309, B4302, E2657, B6157, C9276, C2541, U7598, S2492, N6584, Y6063, H5994, U8243, B4022, P2467, Y1634, U4351, A3608, V0372, F8616, A8154, R4657, P2326, D2270, F1043, Z6519
£5 - U2442, B0752, T8858, Y8356, U5196, U5046, F4617, Z0522, Y0777, A1646, F2324, J1548, U7644, C0580, D5671, E8052, Z9972, Q1986, Z5438, U7825, A8139, P3104, D0468, U2400, B6106, R9620, P8813, H5694, P3752, C0480, U3290, F8487, Z6843, Y5709, U8329, B5154, U8029, A9156, A2183, A6955, P1573, B4913, Z2549, B1999, E7232, B9823, A6635, B6524, E4155, Q2403

Week 9 - 1st August

£1,000 - F9937
£200 - A5376
£100 - A2826
£50 - B0177
£10 - E4735, B4805, Y4800, E7487, B5366, F5117, Y5464, Y2899, W1689, L3536, P9861, E0480, B7989, E7982, C3969, B3483, E0755, Y8130, S2802, B9532, F2351, P0647, K6631, C3640, S1489
£5 - Y3213, P2008, P5268, B4176, D2100, L9020, A3039, H1736, Y0872, F3114, P8420, S8017, P0316, P7360, Y2976, Z8746, Y8524, E7809, R8085, E6922, D1882, E3611, Y4435, A2985, B8571, P0001, B9397, Q2742, P0436, L1714, E5737, C0373, S6731, Y9996, B3413, J1194, S1632, F5131, A9741, K4681, P9365, A6274, D4063, P7795, Q0188, P2461, C4394, A5210, Z0606, B3653

Week 8 - 25th July

£1,000 - A9809
£200 - F8995
£100 - P4411
£50 - A0456
£10 - Q8426, F5533, D0377, P6739, B5564, E3718, K5453, Y1904, Y0290, Y7616, Q0086, E3208, Q4741, D3703, C6393, L7827, A6775, Q6866, Y2029, Z4946, D7900, E2062, C4613, Q5351, B6518
£5 - A1006, A1442, Q4489, E5690, Y2858, D4791, Z7152, E1389, Q9228, Y4029, R4645, Q5467, A1300, F9827, Z9813, A0773, D6046, F7332, F8065, S2641, B3475, D5988, B6807, R3763, C6857, Y1017, Y7783, E0679, A4075, E5008, C8286, B9369, R6976, Z1741, E8283, Y5195, Z3267, C8862, Q5815, P2384, E2298, B0200, C0155, B4228, C9698, P7648, P6924, M9788, Y7567, E1458

Week 7 - 18th July

£1,000 - A9824
£200 - B2910
£100 - B6188
£50 - Q5270
£10 - P2626, D7200, A5281, P6249, Z5547, R6129, Y7590, F5856, D8945, L7834, Q8460, T6356, B7886, Y6313, E8141, B7352, N4477, Y0762, D2045, T2212, D2095, R3533, Y3516, E0569, P3899 
£5 - D3571, B6339, A2245, Y8853, H8904, D3243, D3268, Q9578, Z9700, E4059, A1391, Z5929, E7849, P0570, Y9308, E7620, B9280, P5085, Y2336, Z3865, A1728, C3365, Z9043, F3032, A3561, Q8019, E5585, B8924, N1465, B2442, Z0731, Z2052, A7784, Z5814, L2358, E6230, E0497, Q2900, Z8092, H6820, C0272, D7579, B8084, B6210, Z5432, A1712, Q8357, A1204, Y3844, P2000

Week 6 - 11th July

£1,000 - B2344

£200 - B9765

£100 - Z8089

£50 - A3328

£10 - B2169, L6460, A1364, J1207, E5237, D9032, D4196, E6897, Q6090, B2158, H3640, B3631, P1192, B6362, H8742, Z6911, N9585, F1484, C5591, D4428, R4242, Z4875, A3076, F8911, D7168,  

£5 - B7782, D4509, J6205, E4328, H8116, H5095, Y5128, Q7356, Y6709, C7071, Y7597, T7830, P9847, T2500, D5800, Q5114, Z1817, F4147, R5511, J3344, A6783, T6895, H2651, T7664, B5583, P8443, H9952, Y8168, P3339, C3022, Q9798, B1583, Z5059, A1352, C6018, B4993, E7933, Q2759, F8159, D8616, B5823, D7902, E2163, A0212, D4582, C0070, C5712, Z8603, E3168, X8617

Week 5 - 4th July

£1,000 - A7994

£200 - K5956

£100 - Y2066

£50 - Q2785

£10 - B9682, E7540, C3994, F5489, Q1343, C4051, J8223, T5375, E6905, Q1873, C5725, P1940, B6933, P4637, B6222, P1887, Y7828, A1912, A5227, A0231, J1547, P9188, C9910, H7229, M1097 

£5 - Y3008, A9261, S0810, A7419, E9872, Q4691, Q9325, H9102, Z9213, P6097, E2139, E5206, T6838, E6485, B0958, B6839, D4443, B8305, B7672, H7396, D5045, Y6337, B5169, H6084, Q7279, J5053, E2672, Y3060, J8602, D2204, Y8602, B5103, B3400, D4248, E0376, A2352, Q0080, B0087, D1897, P3962, K4698, Z9766, B5885, N3177, R9922, Y5572, Z7663, S1484, Y9264, Q8601

Week 4 - 27th June

£1,000 - D0605

£200 - Q9303

£100 - S2067

£50 - Z8507

£10 - P6679, Z2834, B9237, P6316, Y9230, D4801, Q4110, C0167, Z4901, E3096, A9790, A0295, Y1790, E1530, P7617, B4744, E7380, S3823, D7882, Q3386, Y8242, P1168, P9711, C2475, R2498, 

£5 - A4720, Q0141, R9954, C0623, T4454, D1025, Q9773, J7647, P4390, D5604, P1897, H6859, P8237, Z8759, Q3090, A7983, E2822, K6013, B3647, E0461, Z9496, H2185, P8863, N3594, C3387, B6769, Y6948, F1736, C8507, T4851, D8032, D5161, Z2694, D7673, P8724, B8491, C9966, A1352, P2525, B3629, Q9832, B0392, L3450, K5920, D5795, B6221, D0154, Z2709, B1582, Z0623

Week 3 - 20th June

£1,000 – Y7815

£200 – N0493

£100 – A9412

£50 – Z2999

£10 – E9847, L9223, L9114, A8300, Q2395, Z6447, D7919, D4077, A7156, T8851, N7633, P0084, F1829, D4464, B1008, A4247, R7129, B9163, B1870, Y0641, Q9413, A7402,C2472, E2357, E1570 

£5 – Z8790, Z4640, Y6584, B2937, Z3685, K0494, P2661, D6356, A5530, C5696, Y0821, Z9616, A5610, A3472, T7727, P6294, A1045, B6348, D0129, L1788, P0632, Q8110, Q6884, Y9596, Y4522, B4995, P3070, E1376, P9201, Z5753, Z1494, B4769, R7134, A3227, V4018, A0547, Z7690, B8246, Z7694, P6798, E8110, Z9700, E4379, E4940, E8151, A7428, Q8901, P3728, Z0108, J9208

Week 2 - 13th June

£1,000 - C6156

£200 - D9191

£100 - C6347

£50 - J4825

£10 - Z6107, K1964, F4477, B8940, Y4347, R2256, E9195, A1669, Z6708, P9321, B1522, K7356, P9233, E5122, N3145, C7183, T9062, A0369, Q8085, D0084, A1795, K6282, P0117, F1202, T4988, 

£5 - T4064, J3052, D6734, P5883, V9471, P4986, P8107, B3889, E1460, Z3705, B7038, E0661, B8320, A8320, A5752, Z1860, C4656, R6512, P7699, A7720, Z8224, T9085, B2773, N6245, N3003, A7036, Z0071, Q0794, E3073, P5285, N6167, A2575, F9878, C8850, E2466, C5454, P3058, B4474, E7139, D0376, D5671, A9077, E6357, T8919, E5293, K6319, F0194, Z6643, A4417, Z9745

Week 1 - 6th June

£1,000 - M4592

£200 - D7579

£100 - N7203

£50 - B0625

£10 - E8888, R9998, B5766, A1683, E0658, B5611, C4311, Z0495, Y3563, E7143, Y4865, Y6747, C7931, E8490, P4573, Q4469, C0614, D0883, B8477, Y3259, J6937, R3604, Q7967, J2869, D8553, 

£5 - P0609, P0546, B5312, P6832, A2088, A6490, P2181, B1778, Q2541, E5949, A8160, H2249, B6248, T8069, E6799, B3084, A0799, M5458, D6367, B6150, L0355, R0310, R2667, B1977, C5255, Y4534, Y3194, Q3573, F4032, P6283, R0040, A5317, M4650, Z5234, J6856, N2103, P3106, S7522, Q5726, B4663, B1154, A8781, T7741, F3968, A0707, P1164, D0050, Z0706, C6364, P3006

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