Banning Policy

bet365 Stadium

STOKE CITY will not tolerate behaviour by supporters that is likely to bring the Club's name into disrepute.

We are committed to taking the appropriate action that will deter or prevent offences or acts of unacceptable behaviour being committed at either home or away fixtures or any other media associated with the Club.

Those supporters who are identified as having breached ground regulations, committed offences or behaved in a manner likely to harm the Club's reputation will be subject to the action as detailed below.

The Club's Stadium and Safety Officer will administer the implementation of this policy.

Arrests Home & Away Fans

Any person arrested for a football related offence which is an arrestable offence or is a breach of the Stadium Regulations will have their Season Card confiscated by the Club without reimbursement and will be banned from all matches, home and away, until the matter has been dealt with by the Police.

If the person is bailed to court, then the ban will remain in force until a decision is made by the court.

If the person is found guilty then the ban will remain in force and will be reviewed 12 months from the date of the conviction.


Where a banning order has been made by the Courts the Club ban will be indefinite.

Upon expiry of the Court ban the offender may contact the Club in writing to have the case reviewed.

Ejections Home Fixtures

The Club reserve absolutely the right to eject from the bet365 Stadium any person failing to comply with the Stadium Regulations or whose presence within the stadium is, or could reasonably be construed as constituting a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to any other person.

The Club will confiscate the Season Card, if applicable, without reimbursement.

In addition, if a person is ejected the person will receive a warning or a match ban may be imposed which will be for no less than three matches including any away matches which fall during the period of the ban.

Ejections Away Fixtures

Any person ejected for a breach of Stadium Regulations at an away fixture will be subject to a minimum 3 home match ban together with away matches scheduled to take place between these 3 home games, at the discretion of the Safety Officer in consultation with the home club.

Other Acts of Unacceptable Behaviour 

The Club reserve the right to refuse admission, withdraw tickets or ban any person who, through their actions, behaviour or opinion bring the Club's name or reputation into dispute.

The penalties for their actions will be determined as appropriate depending upon the circumstances.

Football v Homophobia 

The Club want to ensure supporters and their families get the best they can out of football, whether watching it or playing it. 

The Club support Football v Homophobia, The FA, Premier League, Football League, PFA, LMA and Kick It Out-backed campaign set up to challenge homophobia and transphobia prejudice against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in football.

No kind of discrimination has a place in football and that includes homophobia or transphobia abuse. It doesn't just make people who are LGB&T feel uncomfortable, it isn't pleasant for other fans either. If fans hear any kind of abuse, they should report it.

No one wants to be on the receiving end of homophobia, whether gay or straight, transgender or not. The bottom line is that whether you're a footballer, Club official or supporter (anyone), you are welcome if you're LGB&T or not.

The Club want everyone to feel included and enjoy their football. We don't care who or what you are, if you like football, then you're welcome here.