Transition & Mentoring

Transition & Mentoring

Programme Aims 

The Community Trust’s Transition and Mentoring Programme is a FREE service for Year 11s who may be at risk of NEET. The programme is designed to offer pupils support from Year 11 through to Year 12 to ensure a smooth transition. 

The programme consists of PSD, life skills and employability skills to increase retention and support during this key transition from Year 11 to Year 12. This programme reduces the risk of ‘drop off’ at this key transition stage and supports positive progression.

Pupil outcomes:

- Improved confidence 
- Regular support with next steps 
- Improved skills 
- Support to maintain a positive EET outcome 

2018 Programme Timeline

January to the end of March – Recruitment:

Referrals can be made via the City Council Careers Team or direct to Stoke City Community Trust by named school contact. Community Trust staff are available to meet with school staff to discuss project and pupil criteria.

April & June - Engage referred pupils: 

By agreement with the school we will meet with the identified young people in a school setting through both one-to-one meetings and group work sessions. Key areas of concern and appropriate levels of support, data protection and safeguarding will be discussed with pupils and information sharing protocols agreed with school lead.

July & August - Deliver Year 11 to Year 12 summer transition programme:

During July and August young people would be engaged on a weekly basis with engagement activity as well as one to one and group work intervention to address issues like aspirations, confidence, behaviour, aptitude, self-esteem and resilience. As well as a range of personal development and life skills activity, we would develop links with identified progression providers to negotiate with young people and their provider a suitable level of ongoing mentor support during Year 12. 

September to October - Personal mentor support:

Through agreement with the young people and their Year 12 provider, we would offer ‘mentor’ support to ensure each young person makes a smooth transition into Year 12. Personal support to pupils would continue through to October half term when the group would come together to celebrate success. Following the October half term we would also provide ‘safety net’ support to young people who could no longer maintain their Year 12 provision and we would look to provide quick and effective signposting support to new provision including our own Premier League funded Employability and Personal Development programmes.

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To refer a young person or to speak in more detail about the programme please contact the Community Trust team on: Telephone: 01782 592197 | Mobile: 07935724394 | Email: [email protected]