Terms Of Reference

Supporters Council

- The Council is established to facilitate dialogue between the Club and its supporters on matters of mutual interest. The Council can discuss any such matter placed on its agenda by a member or the Club, but excluding individual issues or disputes, except that general issues arising out of such matters may be discussed. The Club may use the Council as a sounding-board for significant new ideas before they are implemented. 

- The Council is a consultative body and, as such, cannot take decisions which are binding on the Club. Where appropriate a "straw poll" of the views of the supporter representatives on the Council may be taken to inform the debate and assist the Club in its consideration of issues. 

- All supporters on the Council will be democratically elected by a constituency of supporters. 


The Forum will meet a minimum of three times a season. It will normally meet on a Saturday matchday morning from, 11am to 1pm. The Club will ensure appropriate Board/Senior management representation from the relevant sections (ticketing, stewarding, membership etc), who could speak with authority. The Club will provide a buffet at the meeting. 


There will be three categories of supporter membership as defined below. Candidates may submit themselves for both a general seat and a specialist seat. The general seats will be filled first and candidates who have been successful in those categories will be disregarded in their specialist category 

Direct Representation:

Any democratically constructed supporter organisation which can demonstrate it has 200 + members will be entitled to appoint a member of the Council. Such groups must have democratically-elected officers/committee and give its members the chance to meet to discuss club issues at least three times a year. 

General Seats:

There will be eight general seats elected from an electorate comprising all Season Card holders and members. Season Card holders and members will be eligible to stand in this category. The candidates with the most votes will be elected, subject to at least one being a Member but not a Season Card holder. In the event of any election resulting in all the seats in this category being filled by Season Card holders, the candidate elected with the lowest number of votes will be replaced by the Member with highest number of votes from among the unsuccessful candidates. 

Specialist Seats:

Each of the following categories will be entitled to one seat elected from the electorate within that category. 

- 1x Registered Disabled supporter 
- 2x Season Card holders sitting in the family area, one of whom must be aged under 18 
- 1x Corporate member 
- 1x Season Card holder in the Q-railing Stand Upper Tier 
- 1x Season Card holder in the Q-railing Stand Lower Tier 
- 1x Season Card holder in the Boothen End sponsored by Staffordshire University 
- 1x Season Card holder in the Novus Stand other than the Family Area 
- 1x Season Card holder in the Marston's Pedigree Stand 
- 1x Season Card holder, must be aged under 18 

Terms Of Office:

Each term of office will be for two years. 


The Council will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair every two years. 


The Club will provide a minute-taker and basic support for running costs. After approval by the Chair, the draft minutes will be posted as soon as possible on the Club and Supporter Council website and submitted for approval at the next Council meeting.