Final Chance To View Tributes To Gordon

Edwards Jervis

SUPPORTERS have a final opportunity this weekend to view the tributes to the late Gordon Banks left at the statue of the legendary goalkeeper outside the bet365 Stadium.

Work to begin removing the hundreds of items that have been left by the statue will begin on Monday with the full consent of the Banks family.

Gordon’s grandson Ed Jervis visited the site today to take a last look at the tributes to the Potters legend who passed away last month aged 81.

Ed (pictured) removed a number of floral tributes which the family plan to have pressed to keep as a permanent reminder of Gordon.

The other floral tributes will be turned into compost and used to fertilise a tree the family are planning on planting in Gordon’s memory.

All the other tributes, which include scarfs, flags, photos and football shirts, will be handed over to the family.

Gordon’s family would like to thank all those people who left tributes or have visited the statue since his death. The outpouring of love and affection has been a great comfort to them as they come to terms with their loss.

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