Heart Ruled Over Head

John Coates

JOHN COATES admits that he and his family have, at times, prioritised their love for the Club over what would have been best for business.

Speaking to over 150 supporters at Thursday evening’s Fans Forum event at the bet365 Stadium, the Vice-Chairman revealed that decisions have been made in the past not to cash in on players despite receiving significant bids.

Without naming the players in question, Coates confirmed that he and his family have avoided doing what would have been perceived as good outward business for no other reason than simply not wanting to disperse with one of the Club’s better players.

“There is one point that I would like to make, and that is because of the fortunate financial position we have found ourselves in as a family, and our absolute desire to be successful, we have turned down very good bids for players," he told the audience.

“Business wise it would have been far more sensible to have taken the money, but we have never wanted to sell our better players.

“We do that because we want this Club, which we all love enormously, to be successful, but by doing that it is sometimes perceived that we don’t do good outgoing business.

“The fault of being a fan and an owner is that you don’t want your best players to go, but there have been occasions when we should have sold, and I have been responsible for that."

“But believe me, every decision that I, and my family have made, has solely been done with the very best intentions.”

He added: “We have to make sure that we run the Club as fans in a very fortunate position, but also ensure we get the balance right by also doing what is best for the Club from a business sense.”

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