History Maker

Peter Crouch

PETER CROUCH has earned a place in history with his record-breaking tally of 51 headed goals in the Premier League securing him a coveted spot in the Guinness World Records 2018 annual.

The Stoke City striker scored his first goal in the Premier League in 2001 for Aston Villa, a header, surpassed Alan Shearer’s total of 46 headed goals in May 2015 and has since added a further five headed goals to his record-breaking tally. 

"It feels good! To hold any record, certainly in the Premier League, is great. I’m very proud of it" said Crouch, who at 36 years and two days became the oldest man to reach 100 Premier League goals earlier this year. 

Crouch is amongst the last of a dying breed of strikers. “I see centre forwards hanging around outside the box and it blows my mind, I just can’t get my head around it,” he says of the modern day forward.

“I believe, if you are a centre forward, you should be in the box, ready for the ball. That’s the way I have always played my game and that will never change.”

Crouch earned himself 42 caps for England over a five year spell, scoring an impressive 22 goals, but with his final cap coming in November 2010, when he was just 30 years old – did his international career end prematurely?

“I believe it ended too soon, but that’s football, it’s a game of opinions. I had a great run, I loved it. I was part of every squad for five years in a period where I think we had our best team since ’66 and really should have won something."

Other record breaking footballers appearing in this Guinness World Records 2018 include Dele Alli (most nutmegs in one minute – 8), Christian Benteke (fastest goal scored in a FIFA football World Cup qualifier – 8.1 seconds), Joachim Löw (most games won by a coach with the same international football team), Cristiano Ronaldo (most UEFA European Championship tournaments scored in by a player – 4) and many more.