Phillips Confident Goals Will Return

Kevin Phillips

FIRST TEAM COACH Kevin Phillips is confident the Potters will soon return to being a potent side in front of goal.

While City have managed to shore things up at the back with four clean sheets from their last six matches, the team have struggled to notch at the other end of the pitch.

Gary Rowett’s men have scored just five times in that run of Championship fixtures, compared to a grand total 14 in the eight games prior in all competitions.

Phillips, who scored almost 300 goals during a distinguished player career, feels that with continuous hard work on the training ground the fruits of their labour will shine through.

“Of course we naturally want to score more goals and at certain parts of the season that hasn’t been a problem, it was keeping clean sheets,” the 45-year-old expressed.

“The roles have kind of reversed somewhat now because we are keeping clean sheets but we are just not finding the back of the net as much as we’d like.

“We’ve analysed it in great detail, especially myself because that is my kind of area so I am as disappointed as anyone that we are not scoring as often as we’d like but we will get there I’m sure.

“What we can’t do is become disheartened, we have to keep getting in the right positions and then make better decisions when we are good situations. 

“What I try to do is replicate scenarios in training, and although it is never going to be the same, if you be repetitive then hopefully on a matchday when you are presented with an opportunity you will take your chance.”

He added: “These things happen at times and I liken it to golf. A golfer will shoot 62 and his all round game will be amazing, but he comes back the next day and his driving is great but his putting is rubbish. Why is it? You just don’t know. What they do though is practice, practice, practice and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing on the training ground. 

“It’s been a bit of a relief not to have had a midweek match recently because we have been able to do some good work and talk with the strikers, wide men and offensive players to come up with a solution. 

“It’s something that I am sure will come, the lads just have to keep getting in the right areas and keep believing they will score.”