Supporters Council Elections 2016 - Specialist Seats Up For Grabs

STOKE CITY supporters have the chance to vote for who will represent them in Specialist Seats on the Supporters Council in the coming season.

The Council have three Specialist Seats available and are asking supporters to vote on who they want to represent them in Family Area, Corporate and Disabled Supporter positions.

Three supporters have submitted election statements outlining why they think they are the perfect candidates to represent the Family Area; they are Richard Bestwick, Daniel Delacoe-Eyre & Nigel Hackney.

Two fans - Roger Bennett and Adrian Oldfield - have submitted election statements for a position as Corporate Supporter representative whilst another two - Lindsay Leighton and Mark Barnett - have submitted election statements for a position as the Disabled Supporter representative.

Voting closes on Thursday 18th August.

Supporters can read their election statements below and then vote by clicking HERE.



Richard Bestwick

My name is Richard Bestwick and I have sat on the Stoke City Supporters Council for the past four years.

I initially decided to stand for election four years ago to try and improve the matchday experience for my fellow Stoke City supporters.

I feel that during the past four years, we as a Council have achieved this and more besides. Since the Council's formation my beliefs are that the Council is now a professional and we rounded group, working tirelessly the good of our supporters. I am very proud of this and I hope to be re-elected to continue to improve my fellow supporter's facilities and benefits.

I am a Season Card holder in the Family Area, and I attend matches with my seven years old son Thomas.

I hope his experiences in the Family Area can continue well into the future, and with my re-election make his every visit to the bet365 Stadium a very special and memorable one. 

Daniel Delacoe-Eyre

As a German born supporter of Stoke City Football Club since my very first match in 1991, I have gained valuable insight in following Stoke City in terms of transport, parking, matchday environments but more importantly the supporter experience.

This includes non-matchdays where it is key that the Club is seen as a positive forward thinking 'community' asset that delivers a high quality and easily accessible product for all fans.

By living in numerous locations, including Stoke on Trent and abroad, I have also had the opportunity to enjoy the 'supporter' experience of many other clubs as a comparison and would love to bring the lessons 'learnt' as good practice to improve our own.

As a father to three young Stoke City fans, I also understand the importance of capturing the hearts and minds of new Stoke fans, both young and old, and build on that fan base. The Family Area should be a fun filled but also relevant experience with a flexible and proactive approach that matches current trends and fads.

On a professional level I have experience working in various managerial and executive positions within large national and global organisations throughout varying sectors; however I fully invest in the need for open, honest and transparent communications. This is key to building trust and ensuring that all voices are heard and recognised. I would be honoured if selected to bring all this and help continue the growth of this Club as a family of fans together.

Nigel Hackney

I would like to join the Supporters Council because I believe the ordinary supporter can make a difference. I have been supporting the Club since 1972. Through thick and thin. Until recently mainly thin.

I have had a seat in the Family Area for 15 years now. My two sons have been bought up supporting the team. They are now 17 and 8.

I believe that you work hard all week and it should be a pleasure to see your team. You should be able to see the game in a safe environment whether it is home or away.

My favourite player in our current squad is SJW and my all time favourite would be Mark Stein.

I'd like to think I'd represent what a family wants following our team and would love you all to give me that chance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement



Roger Bennett

In 2009 my wife (Catherine) was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Following this treatment one is advised not to fly, consequently our family holidays were put on hold.

Searching for an alternative I hit on the idea of seats in The Waddington Suite. This proved unacceptable because during much of the season Catherine would have no immune system and mixing with large numbers of people was therefore out of the question.

The commercial department afforded me a full tour of the facilities. During this tour I realised that one of the upper boxes (which were then glazed) would provide an environment we could control. 

Having four children + partners we were confident we could fill this every week. So we took the plunge for one season - having never done anything like this before. This would be our "Holiday". During the chemotherapy the "once fortnightly holiday" became a focus for Catherine - even planning hospital treatment round home games. These matches gave her something to strive to attend and a series of short-term goals at which to aim.

I am absolutely convinced that revolving her life round the fortnightly fixtures kept her sanity during chemotherapy and contributed to her recovery. Vis Unita Fortior

I am a local business man, boxholder since 2009 who would like to give something back to Stoke City FC and all the fantastic staff & fans (many of whom are now friends) who have enriched our lives during that time.

Adrian Oldfield

I am standing for the corporate seat on the SCFC Supporters Council.

As a local businessman I have followed the Club all my life and am now fortunate to be a corporate Season Card holder for many years.

My passion for the Club I believe will make me an effective candidate for the position.


Mark Barnett

I want to be a Disability Representative at Stoke City FC as I have personal knowledge and experience of having a disability which I believe will help when dealing with supporters.

I will show that I'm a passionate, enthusiastic and hard working person and will show care and consideration to others in a role that works with children and adults with, or without a disability.

Lindsay Leighton

I worked at Stoke City for 16 years as Disability Liaison Officer and enjoyed the position because of various duties and topics that I had to deal with.

I have a broad understanding of different impairments and also have experience around access within the stadium.

I have been very fortunate to have a good working relationship with the staff at the Club including the Chief Executive.

I have so much to offer the Club's disabled supporters. I will be very happy to serve on the Supporters Council and once again be able to assist with supporters with disabilities.

Supporters can vote by clicking HERE.

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